Press Operator

Position:       Press Operator

Location:      Natrona Heights, PA 15065

Status:           Full Time


This position is responsible to operate a stamping press in a safe, timely and accurate manner to stamp required parts consistent with quality requirements.


1. Receives Prejob Brief and job assignment then verifies information to insure the contents are correct (latest drawing revision level, part identified in the Shop Traveler, material to be used and so on). Resolves any information that is incorrect before proceeding.

2. Verifies die to be used. Assuming die is ready for operation, sets die up in press.

3. Performs service on die as needed. This responsibility can take place at any time or even multiple times from set up through completion of the job.

4. Sets up the die and press to comply with customer and company requirements.

5. Follows inspection process to comply with customer and company requirements. Inspects parts during production to meet customer and company requirements and produce pieces within tolerance.

6. Completes required paperwork efficiently to verify work.

7. Investigates problems that arise while running a job and applies problem solving techniques to attempt to resolve problems using assistance as needed.

8. Conforms to and follows all safety rules, production, and quality directives. 9. Other duties as required or assigned.


1. High School diploma or equivalent.

2. Prefer experience working in a manufacturing environment.

3. Proficient problem solving skills.

4. Prefer experience in reading prints.

5. Interacts well with others, team player.

6. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds without restrictions.

7. Good communication skills, written and verbal; includes legible handwriting.

8. Motivated, willing to learn.

9. Demonstrates a basic understanding of computer skills.

10. Material and tool handling equipment capable.

11. Good mathematics skills.


To apply, please send your application or resume to

Date Posted – 1/31/2017