To give you confidence in your new dies, we can totally develop and production prove your die in our plant where we have the capabilities to produce hundreds of millions of stampings. In order to duplicate your stamping conditions, our Bruderer presses (blanking pressures up to 140 US tons) and accessories have adjustable strokes, accurate adjustable feeds, and stock straightening capabilities. We ask the customer to supply the same stamping material you would use in your operation.

In addition, we can produce turnkey die packages where your die is married to the press, then tested and production run in our plant to further guarantee a quality product and trouble free operation.

J.V. Manufacturing Co., Inc. possesses multiple Bruderer Punch Presses for die tryout, development, and production prove-in.


Technical Data

Maximum Capacities
Tonnage 140 US tons
Speed 1200 strokes per minute
Bed Size 59″L-R x 44″F-B
Stroke 3″
Stock Feed 0″ to 10″
Stock Width 0″ to 14.96″
  • Bruderer 1600
  • Electronic Strobe Light Stamped Parts
  • Forming & Piercing Strip
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  • IMG_6580_600x400
  • IMG_6587_600x400
  • IMG_6590_600x400