A Partnership That Sets the Industry Standard

We’re proud to partner with PEM, a leader in precision electrolytic machining systems.

Worker on PEM machine

Exploring New Ideas with Precision

Our partnership with PEM has allowed us to host a state-of-the-art PEM Application Center with a focus on producing complex parts for a variety of industries. Great for prototyping, batch quantities, and mass production.

Precise Electrochemical Machining is a powerful metal shaping process

PEM is ideal for simultaneously creating complex macro- and micro-structures in extremely hard or exotic materials that are difficult or impossible to machine with conventional methods like superalloys (Inconel), powdered metal, stainless steel, tool steels, and titanium alloys.
A non-contact process, PEM uses electric current and an oscillating tool in a conductive electrolyte (saltwater) to dissolve metal by Electrochemical machining.

electrolytic machining systems
PEM 800 at JVM


The result is a burr-free part without thermal or mechanical stresses, micro-cracks, white layers, or electrode wear. Each PEM Machine has been engineered to pair perfectly with a PEM Aqua electrolyte processing/supply unit, a PEM Power generator unit, and a PEM Control operator station – all perform in tandem for the ultimate in precision.
Our typical tolerances range from 0.0001”-0.0005”. We currently serve in these markets: Automotive, Aerospace, Medicine, Punching & Forming, and Coining & Embossing.

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