J.V. Manufacturing Celebrates 45 Years!

Date: October 2, 2020 Share: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter

To celebrate 45 years in business, J.V. Manufacturing Co., Inc. has launched a refreshed brand and a new website.

The company is now in its third generation of leadership, with a fourth-generation close on its heels. Founded by John Vecchi in 1975, J.V. Manufacturing is now transitioning leadership to John’s grandson, Ryan Vecchi, who serves as Vice President.

J.V. Manufacturing is a carbide die manufacturer focused on providing a suite of expertise and specialization in carbide services, including design and engineering, precision surface grinding, jig grinding, EDM, machining, heat treating, die assembly, stamping, and PEM technologies.

“We do everything in our power to ensure that our customers can meet tight specifications and customizations, tight tolerances, and even tighter deadlines. Our commitment to quality has kept our customers and our employees coming back since 1975. It’s also a major factor that has contributed to our growth over the years.” – Ryan Vecchi, Vice President, J.V. Manufacturing, Co., Inc

– Ryan Vecchi, Vice President, J.V. Manufacturing, Co., Inc

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