The Better Die Design

Through quality craftsmanship and years of experience, we set the standard for the highest quality die in the industry.


Die Assembly Done Right

At JV Manufacturing, quality workmanship is put into our dies by experienced die assemblers. These assemblers work simultaneously with our Engineering Department to manufacture the most functional and easily maintained die possible.


JV Manufacturing is capable of producing fully programable dies using advanced technology. We customize options for tool safety capabilities and understand our customers' needs and standards surrounding tool safety. We use Solidworks with the 3D Quickpress add in as our primary design software, and MSC Simufact forming simulation to aid us in our designs.

Stamped parts
Die parts


Our standard design practice is to make the best possible part in our die while using the minimal amount of material to reduce the amount of scrap material for production. Material utilization is factored in when determining our stock width and progression.

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