Providing a Truly Custom Tool That Brings Design to Life

With the capabilities of utilizing different departments and talents throughout our component department, we are capable of taking a rough raw piece of carbide or steel and produce a polished mirror-like finished part.


Component Manufacturing Brings It All Together

From machining to grinding, component manufacturing brings all pieces of the process together, giving us the capabilities to meet customer needs and provide the tooling our customers need in order to be successful.


We stick to our quality standards by using the technology and talent we hold in component manufacturing. At JV Manufacturing, we can produce for an entire tool or just a small part. We strive to use our talent and technology to help customers achieve success. What they need is what we strive to accomplish.



From start to finish we pride ourselves on attention to detail, quality tight tolerances to the millionths, and the complexity of the components. We don’t just use a single machine, but a variety from several departments to ensure maximum accuracy.

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