Experienced Engineering for Custom Solutions

We design not only for capability but for manufacturing a constant product to meet our customers' needs.

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High Speed, High Production

JV Manufacturing's specialty is designing high-speed, high production carbide progressive stamping dies. Parts we can produce include: lead frames, locomotive traction motor laminations, coin blanks, nuclear reactor grid straps, battery end caps, florescent light bulb end caps, automotive transmission parts, electrical connector parts, and more.


At JV Manufacturing, we value uncommon 3D printing. We design and manufacture parts that rival machined part tolerances and surface roughness, often with complex internal geometries. These advanced features allow us to create additive manufacturing components that cannot be made by conventional subtractive manufacturing. These parts are made of tough, fully dense plastics that can replace conventional components, and allow us a rapid turnaround for fresh ideas.


Customized Solutions

At JV Manufacturing, our engineers work to find what customers need to produce and what priorities they have for the part, which could be tight tolerance or production materials. Whatever the restriction and needs are we find solutions.

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