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Our equipment features some of the best technology available for quality outcomes. We have Ram and Wire Electro Discharge Machining capabilities, which sparks electricity between the electrode or wire to burn away part material. WEDM and EDM give us the capability to efficiently manufacture carbide and steel components to tight tolerances and difficult geometry.

EDM Worker

Our EDM Machines

JV Manufacturing possesses Makino Sinker EDM machines and Makino Wire EDM machines featuring Makino’s Hyper-i control technology. These state-of-the-art machines maintain our high-quality standards and operate with wire as small as .004″ in diameter.


At JV Manufacturing, we make the electrode that produces the finished product on the machines utilizing both graphite and copper tungsten. The electrode is the mirror image of the end product we are trying to achieve.

Part being held
Design plans


Our technology in this area can make precision parts and hold to the tight tolerances even in thicker materials, being able to produce deep cuts. We have the capabilities of doing unique and challenging shapes along with the most basic of shapes.

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