Precise in Everything We Do

Whether it’s a carbide punch the diameter of a human hair or a 1-ton steel die shoe, nobody grinds like JV Manufacturing.

Precision Surfacing

Precision Grinding with Accuracy

JV Manufacturing has hundreds of years of collective manual and CNC grinding experience. With this experience, we have built custom fixtures and pioneered techniques that allow us to deliver parts we are proud of to our customers. Our capabilities don’t stop there, we also provide surface, wet, cylindrical, centerless, and jig grinding services from start to finish.


Each climate-controlled department utilizes precision lapped surface plates and gage blocks that are calibrated to +/- .000001″ on a regular schedule. This is all necessary to routinely hold tolerances of +/- .000020″ on the types of components we make.

Precision machining
Machining Equipment


At JV Manufacturing, we are able to work closely with our customers to provide them with the grinding capabilities they need and are a resource for their success. We have the ability to grind things such as surface, wet, cylindrical, centerless, and jig grinding from start to finish.

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